Dear Patiens, in the interests of safety associated with reports of the growing number of SARS Cov-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus infections, the Smile Design Clinic temporarily suspends admission from March 13 until further notice. During this time, you can contact us from 9:00 to 19:00. We provide information by phone or email. We will keep you updated on subsequent actions taken.



  • My daughter has been dr. Barbara Wyszomirska’s patient for 3 years now. It all started with a problem that no other doctor wanted to deal with – no erupted centrals. I was devastated that each and every doctor, before I visited could not help her. Dr Wyszomirska just after first visit reasurred me that pulling out her teeth will be possible. An really: 2 weeks ago, after almost 3 years of using brackets my daughter has a perfect smile!

    Dorota Kałuska-Komosa
  • I have been dr Barbara Wyszomirska’s patient for two years. I am absolutely satisfied with the treatment’s course and its result. The whole process was very efficient and appointments were nothing else but a pleasure. What is more, the clinic’s personel was fantastic and profesional. Dr Wyszomirska is highly skilled specialist with competence. FInally I can wide smile!