At Smile Design Clinic we use up-to-date technologies to provide thorough treatments in the fields of dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics, implantology, dental surgery and aesthetic dentistry – the latter, considerably young science, makes the dreams of an ideal smile possible. Discontent of your own smile might affect your disposition, and constant feeling of being too embarrassed to smile might deteriorate your relations with others. Our Experts will help you correct all the imperfections that stand in the way between you and your perfect smile. Apart from traditional dental procedures and method of corrections, our Personnel offers comprehensive planning and precise conducting of the recommended treatment improving face and teeth appearance, e.g. correction of the shape and size of teeth, whitening, reducing visible gums, improving face profile, etc. For a few years now, Orthodontists seeing Patients at our Clinic have been successfully using SWLF® method (Straight Wire Low Friction), that facilitates the treatment and makes it shorter and more efficient. Concerned of our Patient’s, and especially their Children’s, comfort during their visits, we give them the opportunity to use inhalation sedation with nitrous dioxide, known as laughing gas. Smile Design Clinic seems intimate, yet very spacious. Modern and minimalistic interior design provides the feeling of privacy. Treatment rooms' equipment makes you feel comfortable and safe. What is more, owners of the clinic took care of those who dislike dental procedures and provided them with conditions and distractors that help to forget about the stress. These are, for instance, LCD screens placed at the patient’s eye-level during the process of dental treatment. Furthermore, staff employed in Smile Design Clinic speaks either English or German. We believe that it will persuade all those, who do not feel comfortable to communicate in Polish and still want to have their smile being taken care of at highest standards.


We accompany your development and we take care of your health. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise we provide interdisciplinary treatment and comprehensive services. ORTO FAN Group differentiating values:

  • Offering a variety of treatment plans tailored to your individual needs and budget
  • Experts with years of experience implementing and offering patients new techniques and technologies
  • Interdisciplinary team performs on-site services going beyond dentistry
  • Possibility of consultation with leading medical experts from around the world


We are an interdisciplinary treatment centre. We combine science and art, to constantly respond to the new needs of patients. We set the standards in in the field of dentistry and orthodontics and educate subsequent generations. ORTO FAN Group team values:

  • Focus on the result
  • Building relationships
  • Communication skills
  • Working as a team
  • Focus on the development

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