We have got good news for all those who would like to have beautiful, straight teeth, but  are discouraged at the prospect of long-term treatment with fixed braces!


Recently, we have been offering our patients the orthodontic treatment  with  Clear Aligner transparent splints. It is an innovative treatment for minor malocclusion, mainly intended for adults. The overlays provide very good results of treatment, which is painless and unobtrusive. The method used here allows you to move the teeth by 1 millimeter, every 3 weeks, which can significantly shorten the treatment time. The Clear Aligner treatment also eliminates the inconvenience for maintaining oral hygiene, which can occur when wearing braces.


Clear Aligner Overlays are made of transparent material, so they are virtually invisible. Patients do not feel the discomfort associated with wearing fixed braces built of brackets, arches, bands and tubes. Clear Aligner overlays can be freely removed before eating and brushing your teeth.

Treatment using  Clear Aligner
• Consultation with the specialist – the orthodontist discusses the  treatment plan.
• Taking the impressions – the basis for the implementation of overlays is taking the impressions of your lower and upper arch.
• Making of overlays – overlays are made individually for each patient.
• Follow-up visits – the orthodontist controls the course of treatment and on its basis commissions or not making of subsequent overlays.



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