Our patients smile even during treatment in the dental chair. It is through inhalation sedation, or anesthesia using nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, that they feel full comfort and safety.


How the laughing gas works
The activity of this colourless and odourless substance was tested already in 1774 by a renowned English chemist Humphrey Davy, who tested it on himself and his friends. Patients are not administered pure nitrous oxide, however, but its approximately 70% mixture with oxygen, as the inhalation of pure nitrous oxide could cause loss of consciousness.

Interestingly, the exact mechanism of the nitrous oxide activity is not fully understood, but it has been observed that it primarily relieves pain, relaxes and produces a pleasant feeling of being  light-headed. Patients may also experience euphoria, floating feel, and in some cases extraordinary  auditory and visual experiences. At the same time the gas does not affect your memory, patients being fully aware and able to concentrate.


Visits without pain and stress
The use of nitrous oxide as an anesthetic dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. However, in Poland it appeared in dental offices only recently, in 1995. In the Smile Design Clinic we know that each visit to the dentist can be very stressful, especially for the youngest patients – through inhalation sedation, which can be used even in 3-year-olds, children visit the dentist without fear. For the sake of your peace of mind and well-being, we offer this proven, safe, and above all, effective method of anesthesia.


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