Everyone dreams of beautiful, straight, white teeth, but such a gift of nature is a unique rarity. Many people suffer from crooked or crowded teeth, and it is not only an aesthetic problem.

Crowded, rotated teeth are hard to clean, which increases the risk of dental caries, periodontal problems, hypersensitivity and exposing the roots. Malocclusion can cause the temporomandibular  joint dysfunction  and cause difficulties in chewing and speaking, as well as headaches.

Why not decide on braces?

The most common reason is the time required by traditional methods of treatment – from 12 to 36 months. In particular, in the case of adults it is difficult to find an opportune time to set up braces, e.g. due to a wedding, changing jobs, long-term trip. We understand that some expect rapid completion of treatment, due to the upcoming major event in their life or are just impatient.

Is it possible to shorten the duration of treatment with braces to just  a few months?

Orthodontic techniques, with the innovative piezosurgery make the unprecedented acceleration of straightening teeth possible.

In the Smile Design Clinic, on medical basis or in the case of patients waiting for express effect of treatment, we perform PIEZOCISION. The procedure is performed after orthodontic and periodontal consultation. It is almost non-invasive, and performed under  anesthesia method of periodontal decortication, using soft ultrasonic vibrations of different frequencies – such that they will cut only the mineralized hard tissue without damaging the delicate soft tissues.

PIEZOCISION is an incision by the ultrasonic wave of the alveolar bone of the jaw, which stimulates both the self-healing process in the jaw bone and causes the teeth to move much faster than when wearing braces. The cuts are made using a specialized device. The traces are almost completely invisible and there is no swelling, so it does not interfere with our rhythm or plans. During the 20-minute procedure the discomfort to the patient is not greater than during the removal of tartar.

PIEZOCISION cost stands at approx. PLN 1000, which makes it within the financial capacity of many patients.

The procedure can be performed at any time during treatment, although it is usually performed a week after insertion of braces and the control visit occurs two weeks afterwards. Next visits are held with similar frequency. The whole treatment is much faster than using the traditional method and can be completed even after a few months .

To whom do we recommend Piezocision?
The procedure can be recommended virtually to everyone, contraindications being few and results of treatment are as durable as with traditional treatment with fixed braces.

*Depending on the severity of malocclusion.



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