Prosthetic  restoration consisting of a thin ceramic tile veneering vestibular surfaces of the teeth (usually the front ones), mostly for aesthetic purposes.

Type of defect filling covering - in contrast to inlay - also peaks of  tipsnodules. Correction of the shape and colour of teeth the tips.

Reconstruction of damaged tooth tissue allows the proper functioning of the tooth bite, it restores the correct shape and colour.
Strengthens the teeth and prevents the development of caries. The treatment is completely painless and tolerated very well by most of the children!
Learn more about the treatment of children watching a short film.

This procedure is necessary when the mucous membrane overlaps on the gums.

Variation partial dentures, made from a different type of material. This makes it possible to provide: a reduction in space for the denture in the mouth, mounting brackets for better maintenance, are anti-allergic, do not oppress the palate and gums.
Ceramic crowns innovation is primarily the result of the application of computer aided in their design and implementation and the material used - zirconia.

Rather than mask the missing teeth using bridges, you can use the crown on the implant, whose main advantages are: no violation of adjacent teeth, to prevent the loss of bone weakening the tooth root and reduce the burden resting on your teeth.

The use of gold on the foundation due to the properties of metal provides such benefits as: reduction of developing caries (bacteriostatic), the material is indifferent to the human body, greater flexibility for better subjecting the occlusal forces.
This is nothing but complementary partial dentures missing teeth, in situations that do not qualify for the treatment of bridges.

In our clinic you will find the latest solutions, and with no doubt they include BIOMET 3i products. Almost 30 years of experience and materials of the highest purity - that is what you can expect.
The procedure is performed in order to control the course of the eruption of the permanent teeth.


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