What is the enamel demineralisation?

    White spots on smooth sufaces of teeth may occure complication in patients treated with fixed orthodontic appliances and have bad hygiene. White spots lesions may interfere with the final estetic result.

    What is the ICON?

    ICON – Infiltration of incipient caries – is a new method of treatment in dentistry for those of developement age.
    New possibilities of treatment have been proposed by product called ICON which makes use of phenomenon of infiltration of demineralised tooth tissue. ICON has found application in dentistry for those of developement age especially after orthodontic treatment (the best result to 8 weekes) with fixed appliances.
    The smaller the lesion and the earlier the treatment – the more esthetic the results. Giving up invasive methods of treatment in favour of infiltration allows for the avoidance of not only cavity preparation that is unpleasant for the majoity of people, above all, puts off until later, the necessity of periodic refilling.

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